Moulds for walls, ceilings, panels and facades

Form für Decken

For manufacturing wall, ceilings, panels and facades from concrete, BETA tipping tables, manufacturing tables and circulating pallets are in widespread use. These are standardised and highly productive.

In the case of precast parts with special geometries, quantities or installation situations, additional individual moulds are required to meet the high demands.

BETA can develop the formwork for your special concrete parts for stationary or chained production. The formwork that provides the contour, the structurefor the framework construction and the components that define the comfort are designed in accordance with your specifications. 


Flyer precast concrete moulds

Produktfolder-2019-Moulds-all-EN.pdf [1,35 MB]

Product range

With your specifications for geometry, quantities and the recipes for the precast concrete parts as well as the framework conditions in the concrete plant, we will create an individual offer for you with the best of terms. For example for:

  • Roof formwork
  • Paving formwork
  • Car park ceiling and ramp moulds
  • Noise protection wall moulds
  • Facade element formwork
  • Battery formwork
  • Cavity ceiling formwork


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