Star lifting beam TSX

Star spreader beams are used for lifting parts that require three lifting points for stabilization. Parts with a critical width-to-length ratio are gripped securely and moved in a stable manner. Our standard range covers load capacities from 1 to 30 t and gripping widths from 0.6 to 8 m. However, special designs with different grab widths, load capacities and individual attachment points can also be realized.

Crane eyes, rings, shackles on a perforated strip or bolts are available for the crane sling. The lifting beam can also be supplied with a 3-leg chain sling. Swivel hooks with fixed spacing or on adjustable brackets, optionally with additional weld-on hooks, or perforated bars with shackles are available for the primary load suspension. An additional central hook can also be added.

Thanks to the innovative X-adapters at the ends of the spreader beam, extension parts can be added at any time, e.g. additional crane eyes, suspension rings, weld-on hooks lengthways or crossways, perforated plates with shackles. Storage is either by means of fixed feet, removable telescopic feet with height adjustment or on separate support stands.

  • Star lifting beam TSX
  • Star lifting beam TSX
  • Star lifting beam TSX
  • Star lifting beam TSX

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