Moulds for precast concrete parts

Our particular strength is in the design and manufacturing of complex steel formwork for the production of high-precision concrete parts in the precast concrete parts factory.

We supply suitable moulds for your ceiling and wall panels, structural precast parts such as beams, supports, binders or construction elements and moulded parts such as platform edges, kerbstones, thresholds, shafts, tubes and channels but also including buildings and room modules. Variability and robustness are outstanding and represent the high quality of all of the products from BETA.

We have 65 years of experience in the construction of formwork. At our site in Hofheim (Bavaria), we have been manufacturing concrete moulds for precast parts for civil engineering, such as pipes, shafts and channels since 1950. In Heringen (Thüringia) we have been producing our tipping tables, pallets and formwork for structural engineering construction elements for 25 years.

The formwork that provides the contour, the structurefor the framework construction and the components that define the comfort are designed in accordance with your specifications. With your specifications for geometry, quantities and the recipes for the precast concrete parts as well as the framework conditions in the concrete factory, we will create an individual offer for you with the best of terms.

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