Moulds for pipes, gullies and channels

We develop and manufacture pipe formwork for all manufacturing processes, whether casting, pressing or vibration. Depending on the application of the end-product and the design of the moulding device, fluid, plastic or earth-moist concretes can be used.

We have specialised in casting moulds for standard concrete, self-compacting SVB concrete and polymer concrete. The compacting may be implemented with external vibrators, internal vibrators or on vibration tables.

If there is a requirement to replace or expand moulds for immediate formwork removal for pipe machines from all manufacturers, we can supply cores, jackets and profile rings for the best terms.


Product flyer

Flyer-EN-BETA-Moulds-precast-concrete-elements.pdf [4,81 MB]

Product range

Complete casting moulds for formwork-hardening products (standard concrete, SVB or polymer concrete):

  • Concrete piping, reinforced and non-reinforced
  • Jacking pipes and sink shafts
  • Bell sleeve pipes, corrugated pipes, Base pipes
  • Pressure pipes, large-diameter pipes
  • Oval-profile pipes, arched profile pipes, kite-profile pipes
  • Gulley pipes, dry weather gulleys
  • Inline pipes
  • Slotted channels
  • Shaft pipes

Moulds for immediate formwork removal for pipe machines from all manufacturers (earth-moist concrete):

  • Cores and jackets
  • Profile rings, base sleeves, press rings

Refurbishment and repair of moulding devices from any system. 


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