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Tuestday, 17.03.2020

The spread of the corona virus currently has no influence on our ability to deliver.

Wir produzieren für Sie und liefern pünktlich!

The spread of the corona virus currently has no influence on our ability to deliver.

As part of our preventive measures, we have implemented a far-reaching package of measures to protect our business partners and employees.

As far as external factors allow, we continue to work to keep the restrictions for our customers as low as possible.

Please also remember the necessary hygiene measures - do not forget to wash your hands!

Exhibition team 2019

BETA presents products at BAUMA 2019

Monday, 08.04.2019

This year we present our products again at the BAUMA, the world's largest trade fair for construction machinery and accessories in Munich. Visit us from 08. to 14. April 2019 in hall B1, stand 217.

Exhibition team 2019
Exhibition team 201919
BETA exhibition stand
BETA exhibition stand
Exhibition team with Twin-wall starter set
Exhibition team with Twin-wall starter set

Our experts will be pleased to inform you about the entire product range in the fields of lifting technology and precast concrete technology, including magnetic formworks. Visually, the exhibition stand will be dominated by two products in their original size:

  1. Double wall starter set
    With this innovative product we close the gap between stationary production and complex circulation systems. We offer the ideal solution for entering the twin wall market - with manageable costs and low complexity.
  2. Moulds for jacking pipes
    The transportable moulds are used to produce various concrete pipes for pipelines constructed by using the jacking method. This method makes it possible to lay pipes up to 4 metres in diameter underground and over long distances.

We are presenting the field of jacking pipes together with our cooperation partner "Gollwitzer Pipe and Shaft Technology". Gollwitzer offers its international customers comprehensive solutions for pipeline construction using the jacking method, including technology transfer to local partners. The possibilities range from product planning and logistics to on-site pipe production and installation.

As we will be exhibiting the devices at our stand in their original size, you will get a good idea of their processing and performance. We are looking forward to an interesting week at the fair, from which all participants will certainly receive new impulses.

Mould for jacking pipes
Mould for jacking pipes

Shuttering System MODALBEAM® for solid walls…

Monday, 17.10.2016

…made of aluminium with integrated BETA-Magnet-Systems.

Palcing the shutters with robot
Ready equiped pallet…
…also with window-recess.

32-tons telescope beam…

Tuestday, 20.09.2016

… for housing-modules.

  • Function:
    Handling of housing-modules
    in the factory or on site.
  • Lifting equipment:
    Telescope beam with load bearing capacity of 32.000 kg.
    Electromotive adjustable in length from 6,0 to 9,0 m.
    Adjustable in width from 2,5 to 3,0 m.
    Electromotive load balancing at both cross beams.
    Remote control.

22-tons concrete pipe…

Friday, 16.09.2016

…with belt and braces easily turned!

Concrete pipe with clamping ring, chains and spreading beam

  • Function:
    180° turning of concrete pipes from the production-position into the installation-position,
    handling of the concrete pipes for transportation or on site.
  • Concrete pipe:
    Weight 22.000 kg,
    Outer diameter 3,40 m, length 6,00 m.
  • Lifting equipment:
    Spreading beam on dual strand chain,
    clamping ring with turning pin on chains.
  • Clamping ring:
    Two-part with anti-slip covering
    and rack and pinion jack to spread open.

BETA Turning Device

Wednesday, 08.06.2016

Turning 360 Grad. Two crane operation. Capacity 2500 kg, 5000 kg, 10000 kg, 15000 kg.

BETA with a shining appearance at Bauma 2016

Wednesday, 20.04.2016

The world's largest construction machinery trade fair - BAUMA - opens its doors every 3 years in Munich. And it was that time again this year.

Beta Maschinenbau has been welcoming national and international trade visitors to its exhibition stand for the third time now. In addition to CEO André Koehn, employees from all three sites provided information and advice to customers as well as interested parties. Visitor attractions this year included the enhanced, fully electrically adjustable turnover device TWV 2.0, as well as the newly developed heavy duty trolley SGW with load capacities of up to 50 t in the standard version. The product range was rounded off with magnet and formwork technology as well as the exhibited casting pallet.

For the successful exhibition we say quite a big thank you to all our visitors!

The transportation of heavy and bulky loads is child's play!

Tuestday, 19.04.2016

BETA trolley bring flexibility on rails. Loads of up to 50 tons arrive quickly and safely at their destination. They can be raised and lowered, or rotated through 180° degrees. It is possible to configure various drive concepts and the energy supply via accumulators or current generators.

  • Chassis with drive technology.
    Energy supply via accumulators or current generators.
  • Two wheels driven, or all-wheel drive.
    Speed up to 30 m/min.
  • Platform for load accommodation with turning and lifting function.
    Lashing eyes for load securing.
  • Remote control operation.
  • Safety equipment with dead man’s control, collision protection, signal light and horn.

Tipping table in just 4 weeks construction time!

Thursday, 19.11.2015

The first tipping table produced in the new BETA manufacturing centre in Heringen is delivered after just 4 weeks construction time. Our customer from Poland required the tipping table urgently for the stationary manufacturing of flat precast concrete parts such as ceiling, walls, façade panels and sandwich elements.

Tipping table basic data KT 1000 / 4.5 x 15

  • Formwork area 4.5 x 15 m
  • Load bearing capacity 1000 kg/m²
  • Edge formwork, height adjustable and folding 100 to 300 mm
  • Used for self-compacting concrete

DUPLEX FORMWORK - for high output when concreting with a casting process

Wednesday, 11.11.2015

With the manufacturing of pipes, shafts, frames and containers made from concrete, there are two fundamentally different and competing technologies. The pressing or vibration process for immediate formwork removal and the casting process for formwork-hardening products BETA Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG unifies the advantages of both systems in a "dual-effect mould".

With conventional immediate formwork removal, the formwork is removed from the finished part shortly after moulding and compacting. The mould is immediately available for the next cycle. A prerequisite for high production quantities is the use of very stiff or earth-moist concrete mixes. However, as the stiffness increases, the resistance to compacting increases dramatically and this can lead to cavities and rough surfaces. The early removal from the mould also impairs the dimensional stability goals for the end product. With the casting process, the fluid to plastic concrete, which is significantly easier to compact, hardens in the mould. The finished parts therefore have a very high level of dimensional stability and excellent surface characteristics. Complex concrete parts with very high functional and visual requirements can be manufactured. However, the disadvantage is the long hardening times required and the lower production rates associated with this for each moulding device. The precast parts plant must stock significantly more moulds for the same production volume and this would ultimately increase the unit prices for the concrete parts. So, this presents a problem for the precast plants: High quality products are very time-consuming to make and enormously cost-intensive. In cooperation with IAB Weimar gGmbH, BETA have therefore developed a moulding device for pipes, shafts, frames or containers that will effectively solve this problem. For 65 years, BETA has been involved in finding an appropriate solution with innovative machines and systems for the complete process in precast concrete plants. Alongside the 3D design, our strengths are the manufacturing of complex steel formwork and moulds. In this context, the basic concept of the "dual effect mould" arose - a formwork with multi-dimensional structure with regard to function and time. The advantages of the casting process are used without the whole moulding device being out of use for the duration of the concrete hardening. The system comprises primarily a "Main mould" with concreting device, compacting system, handling systems for building and removing the formwork as well as several so-called "Support formwork" units. After the core, jacket and profile rings are shuttered in and the concrete is filled in and compacted, the "main mould" is immediately removed. The complex system components are immediately available for the next cycle and are therefore optimally utilised. The freshly moulded concrete element is stabilised only by a cost-effective "support formwork" until hardening has finished. After the hardening, the formwork is removed and the finished part is further processed.

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