Moulds for room and 3D modules

Moulds for rooms and 3D modules

In moulds for 3D modules, complete room modules are prefabricated in a cast and then installed on the construction site. They comprise walls, ceilings, floors, interior fittings, installations, windows and doors.

Our particular strength is in the design and manufacturing of complex steel formwork for the production of high-precision room modules made from concrete. System formwork with a high degree of standardisation or custom moulds to meet individual requirements.

The formwork that provides the contour, the structurefor the framework construction and the components that define the comfort are designed in accordance with your specifications. 


Product flyer

Flyer-EN-BETA-Moulds-precast-concrete-elements.pdf [4,81 MB]

Product range

With your specifications for geometry, quantities and the recipes for the precast concrete parts as well as the framework conditions in the concrete plant, we will create an individual offer for you with the best of terms. For example for:

  • Room module formwork
  • 3D module formwork
  • Substation moulds
  • Water containers, reservoirs
  • Bathroom module moulds, sanitary module moulds
  • Garage formwork
  • Residential building moulds, hotel module moulds


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