Equipment for attaching and lifting loads

The secure and effective lifting technology from BETA comes into its own when heavy and bulky loads are to be lifted and transported. We offer a comprehensive range with versatile combinations of payloads, gripping widths and functions of the load bearing equipment. We specialise in cross-beams, hooks and grippers, which we manufacture for large operating ranges and the highest load bearing capacities for industry, dealers or trade use.

Our strengths are the in-house 3D design and manufacturing of extremely reliable and accident-proof beams that are distinguished by their sturdy construction and ease of handling. Variability and robustness are outstanding and represent the high quality of all of the products from BETA. Our quality management with checking by expert welding engineers guarantees safety and standards compliance. We are certified per DIN EN 1090 (load-bearing components and construction sets up to EXC3) and per DIN EN ISO 3834 (welding quality requirements).

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