Bridge support formwork


TECHNOPLAN Bridge support formwork

Hydraulic universal formwork system for the production of bridge girders, trusses, T-girders and bar parts.

This formwork system allows the production of bridge girders of various designs with individual adjustment possibilities of the inclinations, heights as well as curve settings. Furthermore, the system is suitable for the production of trusses in T or double-T design.


  • Bridge support formwork
  • Bridge support formwork
  • Bridge support formwork

Bridge support formwork MBR

The variable formwork system consists of lateral positioning frames and hinged flanks. The heights and torsion adjustments are made steplessly via rack-and-pinion safety winches. Side-mounted adjusting spindles allow the flanks to be infinitely adjusted for inclination and curvature. No crane is required for all adjustment functions.

Opening and closing of the bridge girder formwork is done by radio remote control. The formwork is locked automatically. Additional lower tensioning is not required.

The lengths and heights with MBR are manufactured individually according to demand. As a rule, the hinged flanks are 1600 mm wide with continuously variable inclination, can be bent for curves and adjusted for arched cambers.

Features & Advantages

  • Variable sides due to positioning frames and hinged flanks
  • Height and torsion steplessly adjustable via rack and pinion winches
  • Hinged flanks steplessly adjustable in inclination
  • Automatic locking mechanism
  • No additional lower bracing required
  • No crane required for adjustment
  • Opening and closing by radio remote control
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