BETA is a medium-sized machinery manufacturer providing tailor-made solutions
in the fields of concrete plant technology and lifting equipment.

BETA is an internationally active machinery constructor with first-class references. We stand for intelligent and robust products with very high technical performance in this area of application and at a particularly effective price level.

We have 65 years of experience in the construction of formwork. At our site in Hofheim (Bavaria), we have been manufacturing concrete moulds for precast parts for civil engineering, such as pipes, shafts and channels since 1950. In Heringen (Thüringia) we have been producing our load bearing equipment, tipping tables, pallets and formwork for structural engineering construction elements for 25 years.

As a partner to the precast concrete parts industry, we produce machines and systems for the complete manufacturing process. Our particular strength is in the design and manufacturing of complex steel formwork and moulds for the production of high-precision concrete parts.

In the field of lifting gear, we have specialised in crane beams, which we manufacture in various different working ranges and load bearing capacities. In doing so, we rely on standards or develop fully tailor-made solutions to match the requirements of industry, dealers or trade. In terms of technology, we have specialised in the processing of steel profiles and sheet steel.

Our many years of experience in the fields of welding, grinding and mould construction have helped to shape the very high quality of our products. We are certified per DIN EN 1090 (load-bearing components and construction sets up to EXC3) and per DIN EN ISO 3834 (welding quality requirements).

Mission statement & objectives

BETA is committed to ensuring that concrete plants are ideally equipped with very high performing and cost-effective machines, systems and devices. Dealers and users of our lifting equipment can rely on having the best manageability and highest safety levels at a very attractive price level.

Objectives from the customers' perspective

Alignment of the products to ensure a complete spectrum of concrete plant equipment and lifting equipment. Existing solutions will be enhanced or replaced through innovations. The products will be tailored to the highest standards with regard to delivery quality, performance and reliability in use. Proposals and delivery times will be further optimised. Rationalisation and economies of scale will be applied to strengthen the price leadership. Increasing globalisation of the business.

Objectives from the company's perspective

Business processes in direct and indirect areas run in a standardised and transparent manner. The workstations are equipped with efficient manufacturing equipment and handling systems. Short throughput times from order placement to commissioning with high degree of system utilisation. Tight incorporation of suppliers and "extended workbench" concept. Growth of turnover equally distributed across concrete plant technology and lifting technology. In comparison to the German machinery construction industry we operate our business with a higher degree of profitability than average. We have a high degree of financial independence.

Objectives from the employees' perspective

Dynamics, solidarity, openness and a willingness to help prevail at BETA. Creativity, loyalty and personal responsibility are particularly highly developed. Every employee stands out positively due to their particular capabilities. This is further strengthened by mutual promotion and support. Management provide an exemplary function and act in a motivational and fair manner. The work stations are kept in an accident-proof, orderly and clean manner by all employees. The fitness of the company lies well above the average. We work and pay oriented on performance and quality.

Approvals & certificates

Our quality management with checking by welding engineers and welding professionals guarantees safety and standards compliance.

Member of the Weimar institute for prefabricated parts technology and prefabricated construction (IFF Weimar e.V.)

The prefabricated parts technology research area of the Weimar IFF e.V. is concerned with the scientific problems in the fields of machine technology, process technology and manufacturing technology in the concrete industry. The applies in particular to functions in the concrete and prefabrication industry.

Member of the Northern Thuringia Training Association (Firmenausbildungsverbund Nordthüringen e.V.).

The Northern Thuringia Training Association is a link between companies, vocational schools and sponsors, is a personal training councillor for member companies, exhibitor at trade fairs, provider of applicant coaching and host of informative events. The company training association offers proficient guidance, tailor-made assistance and cooperation and coordination in vocational training.

Our site locations

BETA has three sites - the company headquarters in Heringen on the Helme river, the subsidiary plant in Hofheim in Lower Franconia and the subsidiary plant for magnetic technology in Barleben near Magdeburg. The exact addresses for the sites can be found in the Contacts page.

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