Compact Magnet BCM

Compact Magnet BCM

Universal holding magnet With holding forces up to 26000N.

The BPM magnet enables the formwork height to be quickly changed due to the various adaptation options.The body of the magnet is fully galvanised and thanks to its 2 threads, can be equipped with a comprehensive range of accessories.


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Compact Magnet BCM

Compact magnet BCM
Compact magnet BCM
Type Holding force (N) Length L (mm) Width B (mm) Heigth H (mm) Weigth (kg)
BCM L 11000 230 50 50 4,9
BCM XL 16000 230 75 50 7,0
BCM XXL 21000 230 100 50 9,1
BCM XXXL 26000 230 125 50 11,2



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Compact magnet BCM

Length: 230 mm, Width: 50 - 125 mm, Height: 50 mm,   Force : 11,000-26,000 N


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